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Josh's Computer Service

Repairing Computers and Electronics in the Waterloo, WI area since 2009

New Computer Consultations

Josh's Computer Service can help you get a new computer that is perfect for you and performs everything you need done.

If you want a stock standard computer from the big name companies like Dell, HP, Gateway, etc., we can help you choose the one for you at no cost.

If you would rather have a custom computer designed for your exact needs, we can do that too. We can help get you the computer you need and build it to your specifications. The advantages of this method are great.

  • Prices are normally lower than a comparable pre-built computer
  • Custom Computers don't have the extra software slowing down your computer that other computers have.
  • If the computer parts are defective, you can get new parts faster and at no cost to you if that part's warranty is still active.
  • Our warranty on the computer is great. If any part of the computer is defective within a year of the computer being built, no labor cost will be incurred by you.
  • The only cost from Josh's Computer Service is the assembling fee which is $100. This does not include the parts for the computer.

Whether you want a standard pre-built computer or a custom computer built to your spec, we can help you. For more information on buying a new computer through us, call us at (920) 253-9948 or use the Contact Us form.

Price for Computer Consultations

Standard Pre-built Computers from Dell, HP, Gateway, and others

Custom Computer designed and built to your exact need and specification



There is no cost incurred to you by Josh's Computer Service.

This cost covers assembly of your computer.